10 Handy Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean and Healthy

New swimming pools need maintenance, and doing your part to keep them clean and healthy and functioning will mean having an enjoyable experience while in the pool.  Here are 10 simple but handy tips to keep swimming pools in Melbourne and surrounding areas clean and ready to go.

1.  Never overfill swimming pools.  The water level should come up the level of the skimmer opening but no more, since anything over the skimmer opening will mean a poor skimming job.

2.  Shock your pool if it’s been closed for some time.  This means to more than the normal levels of chlorine in the pool if it’s been closed for a season.  Shock kits are often sold by manufacturer.

3.  Vacuum often.  This will remove heavy debris from swimming pools so your filter is not clogged or overworked.

4.  Maintain your chemical balance.  Check this often for swimming pools in Melbourne, at least weekly if not daily.

5.  Backwash your filter as needed.  Be familiar with how often they need to be backwashed so they aren’t overworked and your pool is kept clean.

6.  Cover your pool when the weather is bad, especially with heavy rains.  This will keep algae growth to a minimum.

7.  Clean the sides of swimming pools in Melbourne as necessary, especially as you see algae growth, so that this growth doesn’t spread.

8.  Store your cover properly.  Remove any debris so that nothing from the cover gets into swimming pools.

9.  Treat the pool as directed by the manufacturer; fibreglass pools especially often need a new coating every few years so they don’t suffer sun damage.

10.  Shower before getting in the pool and be mindful of lotions, hair dyes and chemicals, and elements such as these.



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