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How a Swimming Pool Can Increase Your Home’s Value

The excitement that comes with owning a home should be something that everyone should experience during their life. It is very much a sense of accomplishment. Further to this, whether or not if you are planning to sell in the future, you should look to add value. There are many ways, both cheap and expensive, to improve your home’s value. One of these includes installing a pool.

Having a concrete swimming pool can improve your home’s value from a social, financial and visual perspective. Swimming pools aren’t typically used in autumn and winter for obvious reasons, however it’ll be during spring and summer that you and your family will start to reap the benefits. Think about all those hot Melbourne days and how having a pool will create a social setting for your family and friends. Imagine having friends over for a barbeque while the kids are playing in the pool as you are turning sausages on the grill. With spring well and truly here, and summer not too far away, it’s fair to say there has never been a better time to own a pool.

What to Consider When Choosing a Backyard Swimming Pool

So you’ve come to the decision that a backyard swimming pool is the one for you, but aren’t sure who one is best for you? This article will help you decide which one is best for you based on your needs.

Why Do You Want a Pool?

Determining the reason why you want a pool will help decided which pool is best for you. If you have a family, maybe it’s because they have been asking you for one for ages? Perhaps you are an athlete who wants to train in the comfort of his/her own home? Whatever the reason, knowing exactly why will go a long way to deciding what pool you should get.

Choosing the Type You Want

Now that you’ve worked out why you want a pool, now it’s time to source a pool specialist or decide for yourself what type of pool you want. The two pools you will most likely want to choose from are in-ground and above ground. Both options have their strengths and weakness, however an in-ground pool has the advantage of adding value to your home and is visually more appealing than the cheaper and easier to install aboveground.

The Perfect Spot

How will you decide the perfect spot in your backyard for your pool? Hopefully you’ll have a few positions in mind. Most importantly you will need to take into account the existing landscape features as well as the shape of your yard. Talking with your local council is a good idea so you are abiding by their fencing regulations.

Talk to the Pool Experts

You’ve found the ideal spot and so it’s now time to get in contact with your local pool store and have a chat to one of their many experts. You can often book an appointment with them or they can come out to your home. However if they can’t do that, take some photos of yard and bring them in with you so they have an idea of what they are going to be working with. Not only this but they can advise you on heating and perhaps suggest some design features that will have your pool looking amazing.

Different types of Pools

Different Types of Pools

Deciding to building a pool, but are unsure of what type? There are many reasons that should be taken into consideration such as space available; geographic location; how much you are willing to spend etc. Regardless of the reason, there will be a pool that suits your needs. Let’s have a look at two of the more popular choices in above ground pools

Above Ground Pool

Apart from the obvious, above ground pools are great to have because you don’t have to dig up your backyard. Furthermore, they are also the cheaper of the two options and can be easily dismantled should the owner decide to move houses. This is a huge financial advantage as the owner can put it together without hiring a contractor to do it for them. Installing this pool requires a flat surface and will need access to electricity and water.

In-ground Pools

Typically people who have a bit more money to spend will chose an inground pool. Not are they only more visually appealing than above ground pools, but they are also more popular. The big advantage of having one of these pools is that they can be customised to anything with regards to shape, length, depth and width. The four types of pools that can be chosen from are vinyl-lined in-ground pools, poured concrete swimming pools, gunite pools and fiberglass pools.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Pool in Melbourne

Before you purchase a pool for your Melbourne home, you want to know all your options so you choose the best one for your family.  There are in-ground pools in Melbourne that are just that; concrete that is poured into the ground to form your pool, or fibreglass models that are already moulded and that also go into the ground.  You may also choose lap pools in Melbourne, which are above ground and which don’t have much of a depth.


The first thing to consider is your family’s safety.  When you have little ones, lap pools in Melbourne may be a better option since there is less chance of one getting into water that is over their heads.  These ones only have a certain depth so they may be safer than large pools with deep water.


Another consideration may be your budget.  Those lap pools in Melbourne may be less expensive because they come in a standard number of sizes and shapes and other such features, whereas in-ground pools in Melbourne can be shaped and formed to your specifications.  This may make them a nicer choice when you’re concerned about a certain shape or size, but they may cost more since each pool is poured by hand.


Size is also a concern.  Those lap pools in Melbourne are limited in their size; if you have a large yard and a large family, you may want in-ground pools in Melbourne since you can decide on the size and shape and all other details.


Take your time deciding between lap pools in Melbourne and in-ground pools in Melbourne.  Take measurements of your space if needed so you can see the choices you have as you shop, and this will allow you to find the best choice.

What is the Difference Between Concrete and Fibreglass Pools?

When choosing a new pool for your home, you may choose between fibreglass swimming pools or concrete swimming pools, and you’ll need to know the difference between the two in order to make your choice.

Concrete swimming pools are poured just like any other concrete slab is poured; a mould is shaped and formed in the ground and then braces set to keep the concrete in place.  Once it hardens it’s ready for treatment and then for water.  When you choose concrete swimming pools you can create any design you want since it will adhere to the shape you create.

Fibreglass swimming pools are premade in a factory according to their mould.  This means their shape is fixed and solid, and you would then work the ground around that shape and not the other way around.  Those fibreglass swimming pools are already coated and have their steps built-in so you don’t need an additional fixture.

Typically concrete swimming pools are more expensive since there is more work involved, while fibreglass swimming pools are more budget-friendly.  You get more freedom of design and shape with concrete but there is more work involved in preparing your land for its pouring.  You may also want to consider the safety of concrete versus fibreglass swimming pools, as fibreglass is easier on the skin when you scrap or smack against it whereas concrete can be more dangerous.

Only you can determine the best choice for your home.  It may be good to take some measurements of your space and then note the options you have for fibreglass swimming pools, if they would fit that space, and then compare those options to concrete choices.  This will help you to decide which is right for your home and your budget.