Melbourne’s Best Custom Concrete Swimming Pools

  • Custom Inground Rendering

  • Added Property Value

  • Amazing Design & Customisation Options

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Why choose Seaspray to build your custom concrete swimming pool?

It’s important to let your imagination run wild when designing your ideal pool so you get something you truly love!

That’s why we excel in concrete swimming pool construction – we deliver dream designs, no matter how out-of-the-box you think.

We can create natural concrete pools that are custom designed to blend with your natural landscape, allowing the pool to feel as though it’s a part of its surrounding habitat, or adding water features that transform your backyard into an ultra-private oasis for you and your partner to enjoy all year round.

So whether you want that private retreat, a place for the kids to play and splash about, or a personalised concrete pool – at a cost you can afford – a custom designed pool is definitely the way to go… and it’s what WE do best!

It’s what WE do best!

Concrete pools are available in various sizes, shapes, and designs. While they are more expensive than fibreglass pools, custom concrete swimming pools still enjoy great popularity, as they last longer and provide more opportunities for customisation. 

There are several benefits of having a concrete swimming pool installed. They are more durable than pools with vinyl lining. Also, concrete pools have a reduced risk of stains, leaks, or tears. Because of their durability, pools in apartment complexes and hotels are usually made of concrete. Also, you can make these pools more attractive by lining them with tiles.

Poured concrete is more flexible than any other material used for pool construction. Seaspray Pools are made onsite by pouring the material into the desirable form, the concrete will harden and the pool will be ready in a few days. Tiles are often used to line the interior of concrete pools, while other popular options include painted and pebbled surfaces.

Custom concrete and outdoor lap swimming pools are also a popular choice if you need a pool with an unusual shape. They are suitable for families that want a large swimming pool with curved edges, standard fibreglass models have their size limits, so families that are interested in a large oval or circular pool, should choose concrete pools. If it is installed on a stable lot, a well-built concrete pool can last several decades. In many construction projects, concrete pools are the best choice.


Had a complete pool upgrade by Seaspray Pools and we couldn’t be happier. The custom design fits perfectly with our Al Fresco dining and the landscaping suggestions were top notch.

JamesFerntree Gully

We had a new pool installed by John and the team and it looks fantastic. We couldn’t be more happy and the kids love it!


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