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توصيبات الفوركس Choosing the right swimming pool is a decision .  There are several different ways to accomplish swimming pool installation, including above ground pools, inground pools, indoor and outdoor pools as well as fibreglass pools to mention just a few.  The options are unlimited.  Fibreglass pools are excellent options for those that have an area that can support them, but they are not particularly flexible for installation.  A fiberglass pool is only available in pre-manufactured shapes, so unless fiberglass works with your installation space you will need to choose something else.  However, concrete pools can work virtually anywhere.  Any shape your heart desires can be created using concrete pool installation.

الخيارات الثنائية طقم المبتدئين There are places where underground digging is not permitted, but even those areas have options for private swimming with above ground pools.  They may not add the same element of pristine beauty that an inground pool offers, but they can be made to look very nice and any pool will offer you wonderful relaxation and exercise options.  Contact Seaspray Pools today to discuss what option will work best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions Click the question to view the answer.

أخبار When contemplating purchasing a swimming pool for your family there may be some questions raised once you have had your quotes from various companies. As you may well know there are various different types of pool constructions available to you in Melbourne. This brief questions and answers is designed to remove the myths or rumors that you might have when purchasing a pool.

مبادئ Can I pick any shape?

كنت أقرأ هذا Concrete only limited to your imagination.
Fibreglass, no they are made from a mould and cannot be changed.

الخيارات الثنائية ساعات التداول Beware, how do you measure the dimensions of a pool? Concrete are true swimming measurements both length and width.
Fibreglass, beware, measurements are normally quoted to the outside of the mould, and you lose 400 – 600 mm. in both length and width.

هذا الموقع What are the normal depths of a pool?

تحقق هؤلاء الرجال بها Concrete anything, we can design to suit your family needs, e.g. centre depth pools.
Fibreglass no, they are made from a mould and beware, ask what the water measurements are, not what the mould measurements are.

الخيارات الثنائية باي بال Can I position the steps where I want them? Can I position the skimmer box in a position to maximise the wind conditions to benefit the efficiency of the skimmer box?

موقع اسهم الامارات To maximise the entertaining area in the pool, can I choose to have center depth in my pool?

Concrete yes, we individually design the depths of your pool to suit your family needs, e.g. playing volleyball from each end of the pool.
Fibreglass no, depths are determined when the mould was manufactured.

Does my pool need extra support around the top of the structure, to meet industry standards?

Concrete no.
Fibreglass yes, a concrete beam has to be poured after the installation of the moulded shell.

If my ground is fairly steep can I design my pool to be out of ground?

Concrete yes. Structurally you can have your concrete pool out of ground.
Fibreglass, refer to individuals manufacturers guidelines.

Can my pool be refurbished after many years of enjoyment by my family?

Concrete yes. The concrete structure will well outlast the surface interior installed in your pool and can be removed at any time.
Fibreglass depending whether osmosis (mould behind gel coat) and/or U.V. rays has affected the shell above and below the water line.

Do pools break down under different ground conditions?

Concrete and fibreglass are designed to stand up to standard Melbourne conditions. Seaspray Pools have independent engineers’ reports on concrete pools, proving their strength and durability for all conditions.

Some other questions that need to be asked.

Are you purchasing your pool from a franchised business?
How long has the company been installing pools, not the franchise name?
How many pools have they actually installed?
Have you checked with the Builder’s Practitioner Board for quality of work? Phone – 1300 360 320 as they are the governing body for building swimming pools any building works.


We hope this information assists you in making an educated decision in the purchase of your swimming pool.