Seaspray Pools is one of the leading pool building companies in Australia.

Over the last two decades, we have built hundreds of pool types, sizes, and designs. We can build both indoor and outdoor pools that include some unique styles preferred by Australian families.

Building a pool in your backyard is an important decision.

Seaspray build the following swimming pool types.

Formal Pools
Formal pools have an elegant and timeless design. They come in square, rectangle, circular, or oval shapes. Formal pools may have natural stone paving. They will look perfect in formal garden settings.

Landscaping is often used to soften the design. We can install a sculpture or build a pavilion and add some furniture to link this pool to your home. Formal pools look stunning throughout the year and they have always been popular with our clients.
Formal pools may have stepping stones and a jetty. You can enhance their appearance by getting a water fountain or a formal rill added. Thanks to their timeless beauty and appeal, formal pools are a great place to entertain your guests.

Natural Pools
Natural pools are free of chemicals. Swimming in a natural pool is one of the most rejuvenating experiences you can have. Needless to say, natural pools are a popular choice with homeowners. While building a natural pool, we choose a design that blends well with the surrounding landscape. We also add features such as a lawn, flower meadow, or garden borders to make the pool more attractive.

Natural pools can be of any size. Sometimes additional features like stepping stones and wooden jetties are added to make great access points. We usually finish the construction of this type of pools with a beautiful deck that creates the perfect living space in your backyard.

Indoor Pools

Seaspray Pools has extensive experience in building indoor pools. There are several benefits of building an indoor pool. To start with, you can access it whenever you want. Outdoor pools are mainly used in the summer. Indoor pools, on the other hand, can be used throughout the year.
Swimming is a great exercise. When you have an indoor pool, you have no excuse for not working out. We can build your indoor pool as a nice extension to your home, in your basement or as a separate pool house. Regardless of where the pool is built, it will both respect and enhance your property. We can also add a spa or a gym to make the pool your private leisure area.

Rock feature 

Adding a rock feature to your backward swimming pool is a great way to bring it closer to nature. Rock features also make great focal points that will impress your guests and neighbours.
Our designers and architects can add custom rock features to your outdoor pool. Our rock waterfalls are perfect for making your pool look natural. We can create water sprays and waterfalls to suit pools of every size and style. We are the leading builder of swimming pool waterfalls in Australia.
Looking for custom rock features for your pool? Discuss your requirements with us and we will build a tailor made solution.

Water feature

Water features will turn your outdoor space into an area where everyone will want to spend time. Our designers and architects are experts in installing these features professionally. The sounds of moving water will soothe your senses and create a relaxing environment in your backyard.

At Seaspray Pools, we have the experience and expertise to create that perfect water feature for your pool. We offer a variety of custom water features that suit both commercial and residential premises. Our water features are available in various sizes and designs. By adding a beautiful water feature to your pool, you can create a tranquil atmosphere in your garden.

Lap pools

Don’t have enough space to build a pool? No worries. Our lap pools will provide all the benefits of an outdoor pool in much less space.
Swimming is a great way to stay fit. Our lap pools will allow you to swim whenever you want, at your own pace. You will no longer have to travel to the local pool to get your daily dose of workout. Lap pools are compact pools where you can adjust the current to any speed or ability to obtain maximum benefits.


Building a spa is a great way to reinvent your outdoor space. A spa is the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. It makes a great addition to your indoor swimming pool and will transform it into your private retreat. After a vigorous swim, who wouldn’t like to relax in a beautiful spa? The massage jets will soothe your tired muscles and help provide relaxation.
An outdoor spa is a great investment. It will improve the overall usability of your swimming pool. Seaspray Pools is an expert in building pools with spa. Our spa pools will meet your requirements and work in harmony with your existing swimming pool.