Salt or Chlorinated water? Which One is Better for Your Pool?

When you are shopping around for new swimming pools, you need to keep in mind more than just the design and style.  The maintenance involved and how you keep your pools will affect your enjoyment of your time swimming, which means you need to decide between chlorine or salt as a treatment option for swimming pools in Melbourne.

Using salt doesn’t mean actual saltwater such as found in the ocean.  When considering salt as a treatment for swimming pools in Melbourne, this means salt being used to actually produce a form of chlorine on your own which you then use to soften the water and keep it clean.  When you choose chlorine for swimming pools, you buy this product from the manufacturer and add it as needed, adjusting the levels according to your pool’s pH and algae growth.  Most swimming pools in Melbourne that use this type of manufactured chlorine need a lot of attention because of how it affects the water and because of the constant adjustments it needs to its chlorine level.

Using salt to create your own form of chlorine for swimming pools means that you have a steady production of chlorine for the pool and the levels are more consistent.  Because of the levels being more consistent, this can be easier on swimming pools in Melbourne and may extend the life of the pool.  Constantly adjusting the chlorine levels and putting in too much can wear away at the pool itself, whereas swimming pools in Melbourne that use salt for constant production typically last longer.

The cost of conversion may be something to consider, but you save money when you use salt in your swimming pools rather than buying your chlorine, so in the end it may be a more budget-friendly choice.

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