The Do’s and Don’ts of Pool Maintenance

Maintaining swimming pools is not difficult if you know how to do this and handle it properly.  Many don’t really bother to learn how to maintain their filter and other equipment for their pool and may neglect regular cleaning, which leads to more problems down the road. To ensure swimming pools in Melbourne and other areas are properly maintained, consider the following points.

First, do familiarise yourself with your type of filter and how it should be cleaned.  Typically you need to backwash your filter once per week, more or less depending upon model, weather, and pool usage.  Never neglect cleaning the filter; it’s a quick and simple job but one that makes a tremendous difference in the life of your pool.

Also, do cover the pool during inclement weather.  You may close it up for the winter and should also cover it during heavy rains, as this will deposit bacteria and algae into the pool.

Vacuum swimming pools as necessary, usually once per week, more or less depending upon the weather and any build-up you have in the pool.

As for things to avoid with swimming pools, avoid having an improper pH balance in your pool, over chlorinating the pool, and overfilling it.  Those swimming pools in Melbourne should be filled just to the level of the skimmer and no higher.  When you have an improper pH balance, you will encourage algae growth or you may have to much chlorine which damages the pool and is uncomfortable for swimmer.  You may need a shock kit for when you open your pool after a storm or winter weather, which adds a large amount of chlorine to the water to give it an immediate clean.  Other than using a shock kit, you don’t want to add too much chlorine to the water.

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