What is the Difference Between Concrete and Fibreglass Pools?

When choosing a new pool for your home, you may choose between fibreglass swimming pools or concrete swimming pools, and you’ll need to know the difference between the two in order to make your choice.

Concrete swimming pools are poured just like any other concrete slab is poured; a mould is shaped and formed in the ground and then braces set to keep the concrete in place.  Once it hardens it’s ready for treatment and then for water.  When you choose concrete swimming pools you can create any design you want since it will adhere to the shape you create.

Fibreglass swimming pools are premade in a factory according to their mould.  This means their shape is fixed and solid, and you would then work the ground around that shape and not the other way around.  Those fibreglass swimming pools are already coated and have their steps built-in so you don’t need an additional fixture.

Typically concrete swimming pools are more expensive since there is more work involved, while fibreglass swimming pools are more budget-friendly.  You get more freedom of design and shape with concrete but there is more work involved in preparing your land for its pouring.  You may also want to consider the safety of concrete versus fibreglass swimming pools, as fibreglass is easier on the skin when you scrap or smack against it whereas concrete can be more dangerous.

Only you can determine the best choice for your home.  It may be good to take some measurements of your space and then note the options you have for fibreglass swimming pools, if they would fit that space, and then compare those options to concrete choices.  This will help you to decide which is right for your home and your budget.

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